The BIG Two-Five & News

Hi again you guys!
Yesterday was my 25th birthday, one of the big ones. It was a little scary, it’s not that I feel old (but do you ever, really?) it’s that when I was younger I used to picture myself being 25 and on top of the world. And I guess that I’m kinda on top of the world, like my younger brother pointed out to me yesterday during our dinner; I’ve got things quite figured out and there are a lot who haven’t figured that out yet – so that’s good, right? I’ve managed to do something during these 25 years. I’m currently studying Social Anthropology at Stockholm University, so I know what I want to do (sort of) and I’m in a committed and great relationship of 3 years, we share our own apartment, so it’s great really. I guess I should just count my blessings.

Sorry for rambling, all in all it feels quite okay and I had a lovely day yesterday and I felt really celebrated!
Like I wrote in my last entry, I didn’t have time to do so much training this Friday due to nerves and my exam, but I did a solid workout for an hour yesterday (even if it was my bday, I thought that was pretty good). But, I did eat some not-so-clean food yesterday, but I did better than I expected. I ate a little too much carbs and a little too much fat, but it wasn’t that bad. Since I’m not sure what ratios Cassey uses in her “Clean Out Mini Meal Plan”, I’ve divided it like this: 120g protein, 90g carbs and 40g fat and yesterday I exceeded the carb portion with 11g and the fat portion with 10g, but it was delicious and I still didn’t reach my Daily Goal, mostly because I ate too little protein.

Since I spent the majority of the day together with my parents and younger brother, me and E (my bf/partner) decided to have a cozy, stay-in-watching-a-movie-night today and we’ve prepared with Chips, seeing as he said that I should allow myself to eat something that I love. We’ll share the bag at least, so that I don’t pig out – ending up eating the whole thing myself. So not a very healthy weekend, but will do better through out the week that starts tomorrow. I’ll go back to the regular meals and training, so I don’t fear that I’ll gain any particular weight or something from this weekend. Will have my party next weekend though, so some alcohol will definitely be consumed and maybe snacks. But I’m not all that worried, I will be good during all the other days!

How do you guys handle special situations/birthdays and such, when it comes to food?

Onto the exciting news!
Just an hour or so ago, me and E finally booked our trip to New York! We’re flying out on the August 2nd and we’ll stay for 10 days. It’s going to be so amazing and I’m so happy! I’ve been to the States before, but never NYC. If you guys knows anything about it, please give me suggestions on good restaurants and things to do! 🙂



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