Back to Reality

You know when you’ve experienced something great, or had a really good dream or been on vacation – it feels amazing! Liberating. And you don’t want to go back to reality? Well, I think I’m somewhere in between.

My 25th birthday was absolutely amazing, I had a really good time and while it was nice to eat some of the stuff that I’ve been keeping away from, it felt quite liberating to go back to reality today. Eating more clean and doing some exercises. I couldn’t go out running though, which sucks since I was really glad to have kept it up and approving my time but I will go by the proper runner’s store tomorrow and try to get new sneakers so that I can start it up again. The stiletto workout was pretty fun, what did you guys think?

I also wanted to say thank you so much, some of you have commented on the blog and some of you have starting following it; it’s so amazing and it inspires and motivates me. I hope I won’t let you or myself down.

Can I be blunt?
If there are any guys out there that feels uncomfortable with feminine hygiene stuff, you may want to skip this paragraph. I just wanted to throw it out there and maybe it’s completely ridiculous to even ask, but when you get your periods does that affect your training? I tend to become so self-conscious and I feel slightly uncomfortable, even if I’m all by myself.  How do you do it? Feel great about yourselves, not letting it affect you?

Okay, now I’m done. I hope that you guys had a great workout today and it was fun to see the guys from “The Lean Machine” in Cassey’s video today, I hadn’t heard about them until today. I’ve seen some male names following this blog, so are you guys following their workouts, are they good? Are there any of you guys who follow Cassey? It’d be fun, just to know :).

Easter and my birthday party (with my friends) are coming up and I’m a little anxious about eating unhealthy stuff, but I’m sure it’ll be okay. I’ll figure something out. Do you guys have plans for Easter?



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