38. Bodypop! HIIT


Suitable picture/caption, huh?
But no, please don’t HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) me one more time. Once was enough, at least for today. For those of you following Cassey’s April calendar #Blogilates127 Workout Calendar, all know that today’s first video (if you don’t do some stretching before hand, like I try to do) was 38. Bodypop! HIIT. Normally Cassey’s HIIT-videos are hard, but man! this one was incredibly hard, I wanted to die several times and I think I might hate Burpees. What did you guys think about today’s vidoes?

And my butt is for sure dead now after that 25 minute “Butt blaster” video and the last one contained some butt exercises too. Man! But that I liked. Can you believe that it’s only been 9 days in April and we’ve already done at least 42 videos! That’s pretty incredible.

And POPsters out there, I guess you all know about Cassey winning the Shorty Award in NYC for #SocialFitness. It’s so great and for those of you who haven’t seen her video posted from the award (it’s on YouTube) watch it! It’s incredible and of course Cassey did her own thing, I won’t spoil it, so just watch, alright? I really think that Cassey deserved this award, she’s done so incredibly much for us POPsters out there and it’s not like teaching us, keeping us on our toes via her YouTube videos is the only thing that she does during a day. She’s absolutely incredible and such a wonderful role model.

Thank you Cassey! 


One thought on “38. Bodypop! HIIT

  1. I think the Bodypop! was just the right thing at the right time for me. I hit something like a plateau in my weight-loss. Doing Bodypop! four times (as good as I could) finally did something for this problem. Cassey even promised in her video that it will help.
    The only thing I don’t like about the cardio workouts is that I have my neighbors in my mind constantly. All the time I worry I might be too loud, especially since I do the workouts in the evening.
    And normally I don’t like burpees either. Yesterday I figured that I was doing them wrong. I am still not good at them though. Slimmer inner thighs was on the calendar second time, though.
    Keep it up! I hope the workouts are working out for you. 🙂

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