The Way We Tone


Hey guys!
What did you think about Cassey’s new video: The Way We Tone? I thought it was pretty amazing, I love it when new videos comes up and seeing as I haven’t been on this for all that long (although this is my fifth week and counting, yes I’m quite proud of myself) there are a lot of videos I haven’t tried yet. That’s what I love about this new calendar, #blogilates127 – going through all of Cassey’s videos! It super fun.

For those of you who have been doing this for a while, do you have a favorite video?
I’m still not sure but I did love last Friday’s videos, according to the April calendar. One that I’m not a huge fan of, mostly because I pretty much die during(!) it is: Lolo Legs ‘n Lunges. It’s so intense and quite hard, even though I feel that I’m the strongest in my legs.

Since I actually went and bought myself those expensive running shoes I’ve thought about keeping the 1 mile run up, like during the last calendar where we were supposed to run every Monday and Friday. Unfortunately, I feel a lack of motivation when it’s not on the calendar and I don’t really have to do it, yeah I’m basically that lazy…but I did go out this last Saturday, so that was good, I had plans on going out again today but that didn’t happen. Ah, well I’m going to try again on Wednesday when I have time before uni.

How’s it going for you POPsters out there?
Please, comment or something it’s always nice to make new friends out there and then we can all encourage each other, I know I could use that at times. Even if I’m proud of my five weeks, sometimes the enthusiasm I felt in the beginning wears off. Oh, and by the way, is there someone out there who’s going to Cassey’s meet in NYC? Oh, it would be sooo cool to be able to meet her and join in on a meet like that, but unfortunately I won’t be able to be there.

And lastly. I browsed around on Cassey’s website and read some of the amazing(!) stories from some of you POPsters. You’ve really transformed yourself and you seem to feel great about it and that it what matters, right? How YOU feel about yourself, not what other’s think or feel. Anyway, in those stories it never says (or I might have missed it) how long it took to get those amazing results. I mean it would be fun to know that, I’m curious. For those of you out there who feel like they’ve been able to transform, lost some body fat and gained some muscles, please share your stories with me, some timelines. It would be fun.

But keep in mind, we’re all different and it’s a very individual thing! Just do you best, alright?



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