I’m back!

Hey guys!
I’m so sorry for my absence but I’m still here and still going strong with Cassey’s workout regime. Although I have to be honest, you know that I always will. Since my birthday party (well you saw the pictures of all the goodies) I have eaten terribly unhealthy stuff not so much of it, just a little here and there and that didn’t feel good. It turned out that a lot of my friends couldn’t come to my party, and many last minute, so that sucked! And so I ended up with having a lot of sweets left. So you can imagine that I’ve been snacking on candy and whatnot. But I did try to give some of it away so that I wouldn’t end up eating it all. But since I ate a little here and there until Monday this week (a day that was red marked in the calendar and thus free from work/school etc) I haven’t been able to keep up with calorie counting on MyFitnesspal, but hey whatever. Monday I was over at my parents for lunch it was really nice, it was sort of our Easter get-together. We don’t celebrate it in the religious sense but we still try and get the closest family together and then we just spend time with each other. The closest family being me, my parents, my little brother, my grandmother and my partner.

When I left to go to my parents Cassey hadn’t uploaded the new WO calendar and yes, I could’ve done some of the old ones. But I didn’t so instead I worked out extra both on Tuesday and yesterday to keep up and now I’m in sync with the calendar. But let me tell you, working out like 70-80 mins instead of that 55-60 mins that we usually train, it was hell! I felt so dead in the end.

But I don’t think I’ve gained that much weight during this Easter holiday/My birthday phase, but I guess I haven’t really lost anything either. But now I’m back on track! YES. And if felt so good to go back to my normal routine today when waking up and having my oat meal, half a banana.

And now I’m going to do the WO on the calendar today, before heading into the city. What are you guys up to today? And how do you like the new calendar?

And how did you do during Easter? Did you keep up with the training and did you also eat candy and stuff?

Here we go April!



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