Hi guys!

So today was the 1 mile run and finally I was able to participate again. Like I previously wrote, I’ve been suffering from Runner’s Splits, due to bad running shoes. So this week I finally went out and bought a pair (Saucony, see more in the previous entry). And how did it go? Well, I still felt some in my shins but it was still huge improvement! And thanks to the new shoes I managed to beat my previous record with 1 minute and 3 seconds, so from 13.20 to 12.17, not bad! I mean sure, it’s not that great but at least from here on out I can actually focus on the running and improve my time without killing my shins. Yay. How did it go for you guys today?

Did you do the #Sexybroom video? I did and it was fun, I liked it. Cassey’s so creative! I love how she tries to do the workout easy, using equipment that doesn’t cost a fortune but rather uses (or suggest) stuff around the house. I think I mostly loved the broom video due to my thighs being the strongest on my body, so it’s not as hard as the others. I manage to keep up more easily when it comes to quads and those kind of exercises. Do you have an easier time with certain videos/muscle groups? 

Other than that I’ve been busy making some preparation for my Birthday party tomorrow. It’s quite exciting actually, first of all I’ve never really thrown a party since I moved away from home and it’s the first time we’re going to host a party in this apartment together. Throughout the day I’ve been baking and cleaning. I made these chocolate-y baked goods and I have no idea what they’re called in English but they look like this:

I’ve also made peanut butter oatmeal cookies, these were the healthiest I could find – without swapping sugar for Stevia and the likes. They’re about 67 kcal/cookie. Not too bad. I followed this recipe. And now I just made a fresh batch of Vanilla Cupcake filled with strawberry jam. Yeah, it’s not going to be a very healthy day tomorrow. But fortunately for me, Cassey just posted a blog post about anxiety and guilt when it comes to food and I could relate so much. I mean I’ve had second thoughts about what to serve at my party just because I don’t want to pig out. But then I mean we have to live too, right? And I will try my best not to go overboard tomorrow. I’ll probably be too nervous anyway, seeing as I’m the host. Now I just hope that I’ve baked enough stuff for those of my guests who will arrive early and then I have snacks and alcohol for later.



Here they are, the vanilla cupcakes. I thought about using lime frosting, or something light and not too sweet. But will decorate them tomorrow in that case. What do you think? Sorry if I’m being too tempting…

Also, I wanted to say thanks to all the new likes and followers! ❤



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