Now I’m ready!

Hey guys!

Sorry for not having written in a while. But I’m still here and I’m still going strong with Cassey’s calendar. How are YOU doing, still keeping up the good work? Today I pigged out a little though, or rather I’ve had a very active day and after training and everything me and my partner decided to order in, so he got a pizza and I ordered a kebab wrap. And yes, not the healthiest but I hadn’t eaten all that much during the day so calorie-wise it was okay, just not the best kinds of meat and such. Ah, well I guess we all have those kind of days. But through out this whole week I’ve been nothing but good when it comes to food and training, so it’s not too bad. And ordering a kebab wrap for me is a Huge step up, seeing as I normally order fries. But I thought that I’d skip that at least, so that’s good, right?

Will probably not be so healthy on Saturday either seeing as that’s when I’m having my party (celebrating my 25th birthday with friends), but it’s okay. I’ll be good throughout April instead ;).

Yesterday I was finally able to go by the runner’s store and get me a good pair of running shoes! They measured and everything. And I’m so happy to try them out tomorrow. But I have to take it easy with them, because the symptoms of the runner’s splits are still acting up, so they told me at the store to be careful and go easy. So I guess I’ll try to do that, we’ll see how it feels.


Here they are, maybe not the colors I would’ve chose myself but they’re really comfy and I like them a lot! What do you think? The brand is Saucony, what kind of shoes are you running in?

By the way, you guys who are following the calendar, what did you think about yesterday’s videos? God, I was absolutely dead in the end. I basically collapsed onto the couch after the shower. How did you feel? Today I felt better, more energetic and today’s videos were fairly manageable.



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