2013|03|21 – Lower Body

Hi guys!
How are you feeling today? I’m feeling quite beat actually, been focusing on Psychology today seeing as my exam is tomorrow – not looking forward to that. But I did however have the time to do today’s exercises according to Cassey’s schedule and the nightmarish “The 100 Burpee Burnout”, I’m happy to say that I did survive although I couldn’t really keep up seeing as she was faster, but I think I did pretty good most of the time – the one-armed one though! Hell. I’m not quite there yet. But I’ll be able to do it soon enough, hehe – positive thinking and energy’s good, right?

Before I started to workout more regularly (for the 1000th time, I don’t know how many times I’ve started it up) in November 2012, I rarely felt like I had the time to work out properly. And I did have a lot going on at Uni then, BUT to be honest I did have the time. I guess I was partly lazy and unmotivated. So now, instead of sitting in front of a TV-series or whatever I take the time to actually follow the Calendar. I’ve also noticed that whenever I manage to get the exercise in before going to Uni, I feel so much more energized through out the day, so that’s great. I’m hoping to keep this up and that is the main reason I started this blog, I wanted to reach out to people out in the Blogosphere/Cyberspace, so that we can encourage each other! Especially you POPsters out there. I also thought that if I track my process like this, I’ll have incentive to keep it up!

I also stumbled upon this, truly wonderful, blog post that Cassey wrote a while back and it was quite in-tune with what I wrote about yesterday. Read her post here. It’s about “cheat” food, you know those times when you actually eat a real cookie or something like that. And it felt so honest and wonderful to read that post, she basically says that it’s okay to cheat every once in a while, your psyche needs it. And I noticed that during last week when I started following the Lean Out Mini Meal Plan,  I had cravings for sweet stuff and also my beloved crisps. And I ended up feeling so defeated when I counted calories and realized that basically anything that I wanted to eat, was filled with unnecessary, empty calories. That feeling isn’t very nice and so it’s better to listen to your body, you don’t have to plan your cheat days/periods, but try to listen to your body! Don’t get too stuck on counting calories and things like that. I speak from experience actually, I’ve had a weird and quite unhealthy relationship with foods since my teens basically so just try and do what makes you feel good. Sure, of course it’s great to have a little self-control and try to focus on the training, eating whole foods and healthy stuff, but it’s okay to cheat sometimes.

I know that Cassey asked that in her post, but I thought that if anyone’s reading and feel like sharing; if you’d cheat, what would you eat? Me? I’d eat crisps, or gooey cookies fresh out of the oven! Yum. Think I’m going to stop it here though, or I’ll get to big a craving for those kind of things and I’ll probably “pig out” on my Birthday this weekend anyways.


Keep up the good work! Did you enjoy working the lower body today?



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