Hi guys!

How are you doing today? Wednesday, middle of the week yeah I know but hold on! It’ll be Friday before you know it (at least I hope so). I have an exam on Friday, psychology. It’s really interesting and all, but it’s a lot of new information and I just want it over with. But like I said, it’s Wednesday, so for you POPsters out there you know that today this month (I don’t know about previous ones, seeing as I just started) it’s Core! So did you guys work your Core’s today? I certainly did and oh my!

I must say that I really enjoyed Cassey’s “Corset Workout”, firstly because she gave that introduction on women’s trends and everything and secondly because she spiced up the workout by sporting a lovely Nike Corset. You did great Cassey! Since I’m just starting, following the calendar and everything, it’s not easy to keep up, but I’m doing my best. Tomorrow’s the 100 burpee burnout, can’t say that I’m really looking forward to it, because I seriously think that I might drop dead in the middle of it – but then again, I like a challenge.

Since I started 1 week and a half ago, I’ve tried to follow Cassey’s Lean Out Mini Meal-plan and it’s been going quite okay. I mean, I don’t yet have the Protein mix do to the Protein shakes, seeing as I need to find a Soy one or some other lactose free version. But I’ve been trying really hard to eat more regularly, something I was really bad at before. A normal day for me would’ve been no breakfast, no lunch – except the occasional fruit or something and then when I got home in the afternoon I’d be crazy hungry and for dinner I’d practically inhale my food gorging down on Pasta and such. Not good, I know. But now, I’m trying to eat three times a day and a fourth little “snack” (fruit in my case) after my workout. And I’m noticing that I’m getting hungry more frequently too, which I take as a good sign, hopefully my metabolism is working more on full speed nowadays. When it comes to liquid’s though I’m struggling quite a bit, I’ve never been good at drinking water, I rarely feel all that thirsty so I’m still at like 3-4 cups of water/a day but then at Uni I might drink some Diet Coke or something, not the best I know. But at least I’m working on it.

I did have some candy yesterday, seeing as I’m prepping for my exam and I usually want to snack on something then and well since I started using “MyFitnessPal” since I started with the POP Pilates/Blogilates, I was blown away by how MUCH calories candy contains and I don’t mean like half a bag full of candy, but just a few pieces. Oh my. Well, I’ll definitely try not to gorge on that too much in the future. So far I’ve been able to be good and stay off crisps/chips – that’s my weakness, my vice, I LOVE it so much. But so far so good.

But like I mentioned in the last post, my 25th birthday is coming up and I’m going out with my family and boyfriend to a restaurant. While I’ll probably be able to order something quite healthy and desserts for me usually means sherbet (quite okay calorie-wise) due to my lactose intolerance – I’m having a party here next weekend. First one, since we moved in here in the end of June last year. So it’s quite a big deal and I’m probably going to have snacks for the guests and so, so we’ll see how that’ll go for me. But then I thought that you have to live a little too, right? If I try to be good and really work for it, with wholesome food, exercise 6 times/week for the rest of the time, I should be able to do some “unhealthy” eating on my birthday, or what do you say?  I don’t want to just serve healthy stuff, even if I could do like oven-baked root veggies in the oven or something.

We’re all doing our very best right, and that is what counts! We can do this, but we’re also allowed to snack a little. At least I think so.

Love to all of you POPsters/readers out there!



4 thoughts on “Core

  1. Even Cassey has a YOLO food every week. So I think it would be fine for you to eat whatever you want on your birthday 🙂 Just make sure you get back on track the next day 🙂
    There are also pea and hemp protein powders, but I don’t know if the taste of them is any good.

    • Yeah, I’ve only seen those ones online (you can get them both at Amazon, I think). The unflavored ones had mixed reviews, but I didn’t check the reviews for flavored ones (didn’t even look for flavored ones).
      Yes, I am a POPster 🙂

      • Yeah, the soy would probably taste good. I’d be a little worried about it, though if you plan on taking it every day. I’ve heard you’re supposed to limit soy consumption to a few times a week (because of the phytoestrogens, I think).
        I’ve been a POPster since October, but I haven’t been following the calendars too well (I followed the October one, and am following the current one, but skipped the ones in between).
        I’m not sure how I found out about it XD I probably either googled ”Pilates”, or looked for a Pilates video on youtube.
        Yup, I’m from the States 🙂

      • I look more toned (at least I feel like I look more toned), and my running endurance is improving quickly 🙂
        I haven’t lost any weight, though 😦 I need to do better with my diet.
        I like Cassey’s sweet potato fries recipe (on the blog), and the 2 ingredient banana-oatmeal cookies (1 banana, mashed; and 1/2c-1cup of oatmeal, cook until the bottom turns golden brown). I also love banana icecream (frozen banana, 1 TBSP of some kind of milk, and a flavor like cocoa powder or peanut butter, and put it in a food processor until it’s smooth).

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