1 week and counting

I just started following Cassey Ho who has this blog called: Blogilates. And it’s possibly the best site ever. She’s a Pilates and fitness instructor and she’s just wonderful! If you sign-up on her site you get access to her calendar that covers the whole month and tells you exactly what to train – and it gets better! – it doesn’t just tell you to do a hundred lunges or ten sit-ups, it tells you the name of one of Cassey’s YouTube-videos on her channel (or you simply search for it on YouTube and it’ll pop up). It’s so easy, well the videos aren’t – you’re gonna have to work for it – but for someone like me who’s quite lazy, this is perfect. Someone who tells you exactly what to do and for how long and you simply follow it for either six days a week or whatever fits you.

So, my 25th birthday is coming up this weekend and frankly it’s a little scary, well not scary per-say but it’s…well, I’m getting older. I remember being 10 and feeling like 25 was ancient. Anyway, I thought that I’d better start training properly and I really like this pilates-meets-cardio-and-calisthenics. Seeing as I’m a student I don’t really feel like spending a lot of money on a gym membership. Gym’s can be quite impersonal and I haven’t always been content with the classes and such. Anyway, back in November 2012 my boyfriend helped me puzzle together a training schedule for me to do twice a week but even if I managed to keep it up till now, middle of March, I just felt like it was a little boring and too repetitive. And I’ve never been a huge fan of exercising, though I love the results, yeah I know…that sounds great, huh? Well, since I’m about to turn – what feels at the moment ancient – I thought it was time to get serious.

I’ve now managed to follow Cassey’s calendar for one week and it’s been great. I feel stronger, even if it might just be in my head and for me to pull of running twice a week and 1h of training/cardio/calisthenics/POP-Pilates six times a week, well that’s almost a miracle. I’ve tried to eat better too and while it’s not fun all the time – I do have a sweet tooth – well, it’s still feels good. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up and while it would be nice to have an nice body at the beach this summer, it’s more than that, I want to be stronger and be able to really feel good about myself. Sounds kind of cliché maybe, but it’s the truth.

I’d really recommend you checking out Cassey’s site and especially if you’re like me, who needs to get some motivation to get your ass of that couch and away from the potato crisps. Cassey might not be a fit for everyone, I realize that, she’s very energetic and maybe even girly but I think that she’s wonderful! She makes me happy whenever I get myself out of bed to do my exercises before University and she tries her best to encourage you even though she’s not there with you in reality. Thank you, Cassey!

With this blog, if I’ll be able to keep it up, I guess I wanted to reach out to other POPsters out there and also, for myself keeping me motivated and maybe share with you steps of my journey and good and healthy recipes.


2 thoughts on “1 week and counting

  1. Hello!

    I came here after seeing your post on blogilates’ facebook page and it’s really nice to see other POPsters working towards the same goals 🙂 Stay motivated!


  2. Hey Rinki! I love reading your posts, please keep it up. I just started doing Pop Pilates with Cassey this March. I am doing it for 2 1/2 weeks now and already feel my muscles toning up.

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